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ROM Resurrection Remix - Android Lollipop 5.1 cho Galaxy J SC-02F RR 5.5.3 11/08/2015

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    # Resurrection Remix Lollipop 5.1.1 - v5.4.5

    - allow overlaying default quick settings tiles

    - base: Fix notification sounds for wifi only devices …

    - Improve SeekBarVolumizer behavior with unlinked streams

    - policy: fix device sleeping with lid with incoming call

    - policy: respect FLAG_TURN_SCREEN_ON flag with device flip covers

    - PowerManagerService: Honor config_dreamsActivatedOnSleepByDefault

    - Change lock gesture correct color

    - Themes: Make parse() method in FontListParser public

    - frameworks: fix setting up linked notification stream on boot

    - Keyguard: reinflate security views after user change

    - Adding additional Nova theme identifier to legacy icon support.

    - Improve Recents-View

    - Telephony: Convert subscription ID to int from long

    - framework/base: add dock sd card string

    - QS: fix filtering additional tiles

    - SystemUI: Use smaller battery padding

    - Update lock weather widget layout

    - dozeui: Broadcast an intent when beginning a doze pulse

    - textclock: Update the time when performing a doze pulse

    - Remove resources.apk from ZipSet when removing overlay

    - TorchService: close all opened cameras

    - SystemUI: Fix EL translation

    - Fix setting hotspot bounds in a drawable container

    - Fix PackageManager crashes w/ queryIntent using callerUID of 0

    - SystemUI: Speed up and clean tests (squash)

    - FWB: Battery light: 100% charged level

    - SystemServer: Allow starting of overlaid external services.

    - SystemUI: Squash custom tile commits

    - base: Nat464: unregister network observer when we stop!

    - [ActivityManager] Avoid unnecessary restart provider process

    - SystemUI: Point to correct permission for BIND_CUSTOM_TILE_LISTENER

    - Notification drawer: Custom clear all icon color

    - SystemUI: Squash custom tile commits

    - SystemUI: Point to correct permission for BIND_CUSTOM_TILE_LISTENER

    - Improve

    - fixup volume stream linking

    - Clean up keyguard carrier text handling.

    - Remove some useless debug spam.

    - Revert "ConnectivityService: add"

    - SystemBars: Allow the StatusBarComponent be externally defined

    - KeyGuard: Fix the wrong Plmn/SPN display.

    - [ActivityManager] Move UI operation to UI handler

    - [ActivityManager] Fix activity always visible.

    - [ActivityManager] Finish the failed-to-pause activity

    - Profiles: make Default profile change ring mode back on

    - Fix navbar NPE

    - improve navbar switch

    - Improve PreviewsColumns Implementation

    - Don't dismiss keyguard if recreating status bar

    - Re-add missing ellipsis string

    - Fix LiveDisplay QS icon size.

    - Frameworks/base: Fix old code in MediaPlayer

    - Fix context leak

    - Sometimes the application context is null

    - Prevent windows from freezing screen while timeout

    - fix return value scale of notifyANR()

    - Check caller status precisely when registering receiver.

    - Also restart provider if there is external handle.

    - Fix lost singleton provider after force-stopping user or package.

    - Adjust display inversion matrix to account for luminance

    - Use the correct parent size to initialize animations

    - Don't apply animation clip to dialog activities

    - Settings : Update blacklist strings

    - Settings: update About screen device model fields

    - Custom clear all icon color remove dependency

    - Updated RU translation

    - Show Toast if usb not connected in Storage Settings

    - Settings: fix BT switch enabling discoverable mode

    - Used fixed size for app icon width in default sms dialog

    - Change Usb not connected string to capital letters.

    - Fix mobile network switch for CDMA phones

    - Do not allow privacy guard for core system apps.

    - msm8974-common: Use RIL version 10

    - msm8974: sepolicy: vold gets persist

    - bacon: Add more options For Ambient Display

    - g2: Add more options For Ambient Display

    - bacon: FIX Ghost touch issues

    - d855: Fix apps2sd to usb storage

    - g3:fix memory leak after return battery save mode

    - g3: Add the ability for call recording

    - g3:wcnss: update configs and firmware from V23C

    - g3:Fix cpu heating

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