ROM Resurrection Remix - Android Lollipop 5.1 cho Vega Iron IM-A870 RR 5.5.3 18/08/2015


  1. HeavenAngle
    # Resurrection Remix Lollipop 5.1.1 - v5.5.3
    - Anti-Piracy Support (Will be removed on next version)
    - Display headset when plug
    - Themes tile
    - Add options - edit PIE control second layer
    - Weather Temprature Status Bar Icon
    - Statusbar weather color
    - statusbar weather font size
    - Fix left weather temp padding
    - Fix for rare recents npe
    - SlimDim: don't dim navbar on lockscreen
    - SlimDim: Use semaphore to cancel ontouch callback
    - GA = Fix size of close button drawables P2
    - Add data connection toggle for MSIM
    - Settings: Long Term Orbits (LTO)
    - Don't include all resource densities
    - Settings: Add TR Translations
    - Automatic translation import
    - Remove Duplicate Alarms
    - Fix NPE with WeatherStatus on KeyguardStatusView
    - SystemUI: Crash fix from bad camera values.
    - CellularTile: Long-click triggers detail view instead
    - CellularTile: Fix secondary button doesn't work and change single click behavior
    - WifiTile: Fix wifi toggle state in detail view
    - Only clear icon cache when theme/icon pack applied
    - CaptivePortal : Ensure uri is not null
    - SystemUI: Add support for external bitmap icons.
    - systemui: Support remote expanded style.
    - systemui: Fix various issues with transparent bars
    - camera: Unbreak the extended face detection code
    - ActivityManagerService: Don't export 'system' process in running app list
    - systemui: move dock battery level views outside systemicons layout
    - qs: initialize day temperature in livedisplay tile
    - SystemUi: Respect shouldCollapsePanel when handling onClick.
    - Fix statusbar dead spaces
    - autobrightness: Fix the brightness dialog is not work when first enable auto-backlight
    - Update APN List
    - Inlcludes All bug fixes and performanced updates from cyanogenmod
    - For More Information Track github activities

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    Phiên bản: RR 5.4.5 20/05/2015
    Sao trong doan video co doan dung tay che cam bien la tat mang hinh va mo mang hinh ma sao cai rom vao tim mai ma kg thay dau het vay bac . con rom nay thi tu khj cai no vao e da ung tu cai nhin dau tien va ok tat ca moi thu . thank ad
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